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  • Rumbo

    Rumbo is an online travel agency where you can search for cheap flights you're looking for. Your flight search is very powerful and searching through all airlines including low cost carriers. Look for cheap flights you are looking for, for example, from Madrid to Barcelona Madrid Sevilla, Madrid to Lisbon. In Rumbo flight search page you can find a search engine that gives the options of find cheap round trip, one way or multiple routes. The Rumbo multiple routes to flights allow you want to go to different destinations, for example, if you want to get from Madrid to Paris to spend 3 days in Paris and then fly from Paris to Rome to be another 2 days and finally fly from Rome to Madrid. After seleccionaar the type of flight, insert the source and destination of the flight. These are autofill field, ie as you type is giving the options can be selected. There are many combinations of origins and destinations and they depends on the airlines deals. The next step is to choose the dates of the trip return and indicate the number of passengers distinguishing between adults, children and babies. In the Rumbo search you can also indicate if you want direct flights, if you include low cost flights and trains. Finally you can select which class you want to fly and there is a link to what they call superbuscador that, introducing a source, destination and one month, a table that shows the prices of flights in combinations of dates. Rumbo also highlight the airlift option where you can book the flight and travel at will. The airlift is to travel with Iberia from Madrid to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Madrid. Rumbo have another option in which there are links for self check-in online at the airlines. Rumbo also offer prereservas where you make a flight booking and fly later, the cash payment and cancellation insurance. Finally sample cheap tables showing the prices of these cheap flights.
  • Viajar.com

    In Viajar.com can find cheap flights by selecting the type of flight there and back, one way and multiple routes. In Viajar.com can choose your cheap flight indicated your origin and your destination. Viajar.com spawn many origins and destinations, with the cheapest flights, such as those offered by the airline. Examples of routes you can search Viajar.com are Madrid-Barcelona, Barcelona-Madrid, Madrid-New York, Barcelon- Ibiza, Ibiza-Barcelona, Madrid-London, Madrid-Rome, Rome-Madrid, Madrid-Ibiza, Ibiza-Madrid and Madrid-Berlin. You have to fill in the return dates, number of passengers and if you want nonstop flights, include low cost flights or trains. As Viajar.com services offered are the airlift, pre-booking service, all risk insurance, insurance in advance, payment by cash, self check-in online and a currency converter. In Viajar.com, about Flights and services you can find cheap prices for domestic flights and international flights or European.
  • Destinia

    Website Destinia to find cheap flights.
  • Edreams

    On the Web Edreams have a cheap flight search engine allows you to find cheap flights return rate, one way, multiple destinations and airlift. Besides these options Eadreams tool displays a drop down with the names: finds prices, find destinations, RSS, Promotions and check-in online. The search continues to allow complete Edreams the origin and destination. As they are filling the origins and destinations is showing you the options to choose from. Examples of origins and destinations are cheap flights from Madrid to Barcelona, Madrid to Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Malaga, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Alicante, Madrid, Tenerife, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca , Barcelona, Malaga, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Alicante and Barcelona-Valencia. Then you need to choose the date of departure and return and also lets you select Edreams schedules. Below, insert the passengers, if you want direct flights only Main airports company and class and if you fill. The search engine finds only Edreams flight or flight + hotel. The rest of the page shows Edreams promotions and prices of cheap flights home Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.
  • Kayak

    Website Kayak to find cheap flights.
  • Logitravel

    On the website of Logitravel, as online travel agency, shows his Flights. The flight search to find cheap LogiTravel allows return and one-way flights. LogiTravel then display the source fields and destination and dates of return. Examples of flights that Logitravel as prices shown below are featured flights Madrid-London, Madrid, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Madrid, New York, Madrid or flights to Lanzarote Amsterdam, Fountain Ventura, Lisbon, Venice, Menorca and Mallorca among others. Then you have to enter the passenger who will go on the reservation and select a class if you will. Finally, Logitravel to select to be looking for low cost and if you are resident or large family. The rest of the page shows Logitravel cheap price offers and companies according to the dates you have selected.
  • Opodo

    Website Opodo to find cheap flights.
  • Skyscanner

    Website Skyscanner to find cheap flights.