• Movile operators

  • Jazztel

    Jazztel mobile operator. The company provides its mobile phone offerings, smartphones, flat rates and flat rates to the internet. Jazztel mobile operator. The company provides its mobile phone offerings, smartphones, flat rates and flat rates to the internet. What stands in the Jazztel page is the offer promoted on its homepage. Jazztel is divided into sections of voice that is mobile section of Jazztel Jazztel flat rates, rates for voice and data, Internet promotions and latest mobile terminal device. In the area of mobile terminals appear that promotes Jazztel. Jazztel has cilck to call where you can put your phone number and call you to do queries that you ever need.
  • Movistar

    The website of the mobile operator Movistar has a first division for individual difference between Movistar Movistar Movistar for freelancers and companies. In the particular Movistar has a menu that has formed by fixed, mobile, internet, entertainment and TV, help and my movistar. This link to the web has to paragraph Movistar mobile individuals. The menu has subsections mobile contract rates, card fees, phones and more, sercivios, international roaming, my promotions, see Movistar, recharge your balance, switch to renew your mobile contract. In the page itself, the most noteworthy are their promotions. To the right of promotions is a small menu for new customers who include those who want portability, and contract customers Movistar Movistar card customers. The menu shows new customers of Movistar catalog options, cellphone contract fees, prepaid fees. For contract customers renew your Cell Movistar appears, set up your contract, services, promotions and my second line. Customers of Movistar card you recharge your balance, renew your cell phone, change to a contract, check your balance, my promotions and second line. Under Movistar promotions are 3 tables, one mobile catalog, another rate-linked rates of contract and other charges prepaid mobile internet finally. Then continue with mobile internet and pass it to contract but would you highlight as information added to what is described as showing links to internet services, e mobile, second line, control spending and balance recharge and travel to the stranger - roaming. In the catalog of phones that offer you can find major brands like Blackberry, Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia and smartphone offerings.
  • Orange

    Orange mobile operator. Orange provides its mobile phone offerings, smartphones, flat rates and flat rates to the internet. Mobile operator Orange. Orange offers mobile phone offerings, smartphones, flat rates and flat rates to the internet. In Orange there are a variety of sections because not only have offers and promotions but also from adsl phones and television. The phones are part of an online store where their Orange mobile promotions and rates. Following is the section that is orange dots to see the promotions that are Orange customers. Then there are the Orange tariffs, promotions, Orange, Orange mobile internet. It also appears a section for mobile entertainment, an international section and roaming, and finally the support and help. On the homepage there is also a summary of the contents of the different sections to differentiate between current customers and new customers.
  • Pepephone

    The web Pepephone the mobile operator Pepephone does not distinguish between individuals, freelancers and companies. The menu is composed Pepephone Price, Shop, Baby, Talk and flies, Questions and My Pepephone. Followed by the menu appears promotions Pepephone rates and under have a section on why you elect them and can help you. Within the rates page shows all Pepephone difference between internet rates in your phone, if you bring your number to Pepephone, prepaid new contract number, sailing from your computer or tablet and surf with no monthly fees. The store is divided into Pepephone talk, talk and surf, internet and telephone to take off. in the first you can choose the data rate and complete contracts with Pepephone. In the section on free phone Pepephone free sample phones and smartphones they sell.
  • Simyo

    Simyo mobile operator. Simyo offers its mobile phone offerings, smartphones, flat rates and flat rates to the internet. The first thing you see on the mobile page of Simyo are Simyo offers rates, the offerings of its cheaper flat rates and rates Simyo phones. Simyo stands out mainly composed of three sections Simyo What?, Mobile and internet phone. In Simyo What is? what stands out are the subsections of rates, coverage information and FAQs Simyo. In Simyo mobile phone is broken with their different rates of Simyo mobile, talk and surf and finally Simyo free phones. In Simyo mobile internet are offering flat rates for mobile Internet.
  • Vodafone

    The Web Vodafone Vodafone mobile operator will have a first division for individual Vodafone, Vodafone and Vodafone autonomous companies. This link leads to specific Vodafone. This page has a menu that is divided into fixed and mobile, Internet and TV, Apps and downloads, affiliate program and help. We will focus on mobile and fixed menu. In this submenu Vodafone subdivided in Cellular and cards, Smartphones, Rates, services, fixed telephony and Help. For Mobile and Vodafone cards Come to Vodafone, Redeem your points, Renew your mobile phone, Step up to the contract, Upcoming Releases, Mobile Outlet, Recharge your SIM card loose. To have Android Smartphones Vodafone, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Phone and Choose yours. Rates have Recommender vodafone tariffs, mobile phone contract, mobile cards, savings and control, SMS and MMS, international calls and Journey to the stranger - Roaming. Vodafone is Sercicios Services Voice, Power Management, Email, card services, telephone directory and other services. In fixed telephony have vodafone Vodafone fixed Discover, Discounts for customers, Come to Vodafone, Redeem your points and telephone touch. Help Vodafone offers to buy online, Order Status, Invoicing, Mobile, Blackberry, Android and iPhone. After the Vodafone has its main offers and promotions. My Vodafone also has is access to customers Vodafon area. To My Vodafone services include check your bill, redeem your points, check your price plan, reload your card and other fixed services. The rest of the page offers the services described by various tables.
  • Yoigo

    The Yoigo website does not differentiate between individuals, freelancers and companies. The main menu consists Yoigo shop, rates, internet, services, entangled, recharge, renew, my yoigo and customer support. It then displays promotions and flat rates for mobile phone tariffs, rates or tablet computer, cents per minute rates and smartphones. It also offers the service Yoigo recharge the card by entering the mobile phone number and the amount to be recharged. Via the Yoigo shop displays the phones and smartphones deals with rates and on the left side there are a number of filters that let you search by selecting the type of high you want, among which are portability contract card and number portability new. The next filter is differentiating between the type of fare rates, flat, flat, to contract and card. This store has three sections that are mobile, and internet SIM only modem and SIM. Fee is divided into Yoigo contract, card, internet Lunches, call other countries and in foreign countries. In Yoigo split contract rates in flat rates and rates Yoigo penny per minute. Yoigo cards offer a rate of cents per minute. On the Internet to bring Yoigo difference between contract rates and flat rates card. To call other countries and in foreign countries shows Yoigo call rates from the stranger and stranger. On the Internet, Yoigo difference between computer and Internet in the mobile Internet with their rates. For services Yoigo highlights coverage, here's a friend, voice mail, calls, messages, my yoigo, cost control, reloading and browsing the portal Yoigo surfport.