• Mobile Brands

  • BlackBerry

    BlackBerry is a company that manufactures mobile phones and smartphones and other products. Blackberry On the web there is a menu in the header that contains paragraphs Smartphones, tablet, software applications, media, business, retail and social networking. The menu displays showing smartphone main BlackBerry smartphone models. The menu also displays showing businesses the Blackberry products and services for businesses. Software products and services offered are Blackberry BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, BlackBerry Mobile Voice System, BlackBerry Balance, BlackBerry Internet Service, Messaging Server and MDaemon software comparison chart. It also appears as subjects Applications, employee-owned smartphones, social networks business, Security and Unified Communications. As public sectors have Sector, Financial Services and Insurance, Health and Professional Services. Below the menu has a promotion and then excel the links are called points of sale and shop online with offers. Finally has 4 sections that are assistance BlackBerry Business Solutions, BlackBerry App World and socilicese that contains links to social networks. As sections in attendance is BalackBerry BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry playbook, Help BlackBerry, blog help and support forums of the community. In enterprise solutions out small and medium enterprises, large enterprises and public sector case study.
  • Htc

    HTC is a mobile brand that has focused on smartphones and tablets. The website has on its menu HTC Unveil, Smartphones, Tablets, and Help. Paste the menu has a section on user registration. Below the menu shows HTC promotions among which are its accessories. The Smartphone section is divided into two tabs, one of the most popular and the second are available for all products. In the most popular products from HTC shows its latest mobile smartphones indicating the characteristics that stand out such as HTC Sense interface, the screen size, the phone measures the number of megapixels the camera and if can make videos in HD or high definition and other information. For each of them has a link to see the phone in more detail. Within this detail are four sections on the phone. These sections of HTC are Summary, Features, Buying and accessories. The Summary is a promotional and visual description of the smartphone in order to attract customers. Features can be found in retail mobile phone features. As main features of the smartphone show the dimensions, weight, screen size and resolution, processor speed, operating system, memory and RAM, camera with megapixel front camera and HD video, Bluetooth, sensors, multimedia capabilities, battery with its talk time and standby, network, speakerphone and gPS. In buying bonds appear to have HTC distributors in Spain and accessories shown accessories can be purchased directly on this page from HTC. HTC has operatons systems Windows Mobile and Android.
  • iPhone

    Apple iPhone, smartphones company that makes phones and other products. Today its flagship product is the iPhone 4S. The Apple website is divided according to their menu in 7 sections are Store, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPhone, iTunes and support. In this case the link goes directly to the iPhone section. The iPhone web has a submenu consists of Performance, Integrated Applications, Applications of the Apple Store, IOS, icloud, Specifications and Buy iPhone. Below is promoting the iPhone 4S and then link to the IOS operating system 5 and the icloud to conecer more about them. Performance is shown in a very visual and promotional the most striking features of the iPhone 4S. As embedded applications have Facetime, IMessage, Reminders, Phone, Mail, Safari, Music, Videos, Photos, Apple Store, iTunes, Map and Compass, Game Center, Calendar and Contacts. In specifications indicate the storage capacity, dimensions and weight, networking, GPS, wifi, compass, screen resolution and megapixel cameras, HD video, with its long battery standby and talk time and operating system.
  • LG

    LG is a company that manufactures a wide range of mobile phones and smartphones. On the website of LG mobile lg.com focuses on trying to help the user to find the lyrics you want. On the left is a buscardor with filters to find the mobile phone or smartphone and on the right side aparacen models that meet the selected features. When accessing the page or smartphone LG LG mobile no filters are selected so that the right are all models and at the head appears a latest mobile promotion. The search engine allows a search for words that are filled up as he shows the models that meet the disappearing words filters. If instead of using the search engine used the Filtron, as they are selecting models of mobile desapaceriendo LG or LG smartphones that do not meet the filters. The first filter that appears is the design of cell phones or smartphones LG LG differentiating between bar, flip, slide and touch. The remaining filters is if they have wifi, Bluetooth, AGPS, GPS, memory, e-mail, browser, FM radio and music player. Just below these filters is a link to view the catalog of LG. With regard to LG cell phones or smartphones showing, you can sort by newness, popularity and design. It also allows to compare and select mobile brebe shows a summary of the main features of each phone. When you click on a phone appears on the same page allowing you to see, in several sections, an overview, features, images, specifications and post-sales.
  • Motorola

    Motorola is a company that manufactures mobile phones and smartphones and other products. In motorola.com website main menu appears which is divided into cell phones, tablets, accessories, all products, software and applications, and technical assistance. In the mobile phone menu displays a submenu with Motorola smartphone, Motorola Android phones view all phones and Motorola. Motorola accessories are earphones, chargers and adapters, software and view all Motorola accessories. In software and applications Smart Actions appears, Motocast, Webtop and see all the software and applications. Below the menu is the filters to see Motorola cell phones and smartphones from Motorola and a search engine. The first set of filters and called Phones with the ability to filter by if you have video recording, email, camera, external memory, MOTOBLUR allowed, web browser, touch screen, ready to play music, fm radio, operating system android, bluetooth technology , speakerphone or handsfree. The second is to select series android series, former motorcycle series and series. You can also filter by style or mobile between rotator bar and color Motorola mobile phone. Finally you can filter by entering the name of the model. Below the filters are Motorola Mobile phones Motorola smartphone or according to the filters you have selected. There are Motorola smartphones with Windows Mobile operating systems and Android operating system.
  • Nokia

    Nokia is a company that manufactures mobile phones and smartphones and other products.
  • Samsung

    Samsung is a company that manufactures mobile phones and smartphones and other products.
  • Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson is a company that manufactures mobile phones and smartphones and other products.