• Insurance

  • Allianz

    Allianz is divided between private insurance, business insurance and financial investment funds. Allianz individuals insurancess have Allianz car insurance Auto, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, insurance trade, security of community, health Allianz insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, boat insurance and insurance for hunting and fishing. Allianz Insurance companies are formed by the insurance company Allianz multiseguro, hotel insurance, group life insurance, home insurance rural insurance, warehouses, transport Allianz insurance, accident insurance groups, Allianz accident insurance agreement, insurance and owner-renewable insurance. In the section on financial Allianz offers two investment funds. They also offer access for clients.
  • Balumba

    Balumba main product offers car insurance. Balumba insurance are also offering motorcycle insurance, health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance for skiing and winter sports insurance travel cancellation insurance and photovoltaic. At the same time allows a calculation of the price of insurance. among the car insurance is insurance that provides third party and comprehensive insurance but does not seem to have fully comprehensive insurance with excess. It also has a page where customers can find information about what to do in case of accident, FAQs, confidence workshops, general conditions, customer phone and a form for written communication.
  • Click Seguros

    Click Seguros insurance in car insurance and home. Click seguros provides car insurance is third party car insurance, car insurance third more moons, expanded third-party insurance and car insurance against all risks. Click seguros are, for home insurance, residence, second home insurance, home insurance and rent vacant home insurance. It also allows calculating the budget car insurance and home, as well as a section for customers.
  • Direct Seguros

    Direct Seguros insurance offers car insurance and motorcycle. Direct Seguros also gives the option of calculating the insurance budget, ask questions, see FAQs and promotions. Their insurance is third party insurance, third party insurance and extended full insurance. Finally, Direct Seguros have a customer area.
  • Fénix Directo

    Fénix Directo insurance offers car insurance, moped and motorcycle. Fénix Directo is a client site and the ability to calculate budgets.
  • Génesis

    Génesis insurance offers car insurance, motorcycle, life and home. Genesis also allows you to calculate the budget for the safe rehash. The Genesis offers car insurance car insurance are third parties, car insurance without excess, and full insurance with excess. The safe third of Genesis the difference between a basic one with moons with moons and other theft, and moons, theft and fire.
  • Mapfre

    Mapfre insurance makes a distinction between their private insurance, insurance for companies and insurance for professionals. In the private section, Mapfre offers Burial Insurance, Car Insurance, Insurance Protection Rent, Home Insurance, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Homeowners Insurance Communities, Life Insurance, Insurance Hunting and Fishing Vessel Insurance, Income and Savings Insurance and Savings Travel Insurance. Mapfre has investment funds and pension and retirement plans. Mapfre provides for independent car insurance, Combined Agricultural Insurance, Health Insurance Self-Employed, Insurance for retail, Liability Insurance and Heritage, Travel Insurance Self-Employed, Agriculture and Livestock Insurance, Life Insurance and Accident Insurance Self Autónomos.Mapfre offers Insurance companies for the boats and planes, Credit & Surety Insurance, Health Insurance companies, Insurance companies and Social Life, Accident Insurance companies, Insurance Industries Agriculture, Business Travel Insurance, Car Insurance companies, Insurance Liability Insurance Engineering & Construction, Insurance industry and Commerce and Insurance Transport Goods. In the three sections Mapfre has a client area and highlights the consultation offices, services and contact numbers.
  • MM Mutua Madrileña

    MM Mutua Madrileña offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, death insurance, accident insurance, insurance of savings, investment and pensions. With MM Mutua Madrileña you can calculate the budget car insurance. Mutua Madrileña has an area for clients and displays their contact numbers. Mutua Madrileña allows you to search and find their workshops concluded their delegations. It also shows a series of promotions.
  • MMT Seguros

    MMT Insurance specializes in car insurance. Insurance offered by Insurance MMT are classified MMT all risk insurance, all risk insurance expert, all risk insurance Senior, Combined Insurance Plus, Star Combined Insurance, Combined Insurance Basic and third party insurance. Insurance MMT allows for a budget, see the offices and contact information. In Insurance MMT can see the map of workshops, workshop services and workshops offered concerted claims.
  • Pelayo

    Pelayo insurance offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, accident insurance, insurance of commerce and offices, safe communities insurance, hunting and fishing insurance, pet insurance, health insurance and life insurance. Pelayo also offers retirement plans and savings plans and investment. With Pelayo you can calculate the budget car insurance or home insurance. Pelayo highlights the contact telephone number and where you can consult their offices.
  • Seguros AXA

    Axa Insurance is a company that has insurance for insurance companies and individuals. Axa Insurance provides for individuals car insurance, motorcycle insurance, health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, savings or investment insurance, pension insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance and vessel insurance. Axa also offers for companies insurance for cars, insurance activities, liability insurance, cargo insurance, construction insurance, job security and solutions. It also has insurance for freelancers and entrepreneurs of Pymes. Also allows a calculation of the price of insurance and web access for clients.
  • Verti

    Verti insurance offers insurance for car, motorcycle and home. Verti insurance also offers the possibility to calculate the budget of the insurance you want. Verti offers the contact phone number and a list of frequently asked questions or FAQs.