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  • Cinebox

    The website has a menu Cinebox formed by beginning, billboard, promotions, film archive, Rotary e-clubs, plays box, Abaco Cinebox, Cinebox Fidelity and contact. Below the menu there is an access to the Rotary e-clubs of entering in 'boilerplate Cinebox user and password and under news. To his right is the section of Billboard Cinebox where you can select movies from CINEBOX El Mirador 3D 3D CINEBOX 3 Cantos, Aqualon CINEBOX 3D - Huelva, Castellon CINEBOX 3D Space CINEBOX Leon 3D CINEBOX Gironés Espai 3D Light CINEBOX Castilla 3D 3D CINEBOX MN4, CINEBOX Mendibil, CINEBOX Narón 3D Ourense CINEBOX 3D 3D CINEBOX Astur Park, Park corridor CINEBOX 3D 3D CINEBOX Plaza Mar 2, Plaza Norte 2 CINEBOX 3D Urbil CINEBOX 3D Vallsur CINEBOX 3D CINEBOX Vialia 3D Pontevedra, Salamanca Vialia CINEBOX 3D 3D ABACUS Alcobendas (Madrid), ABACUS 3D Camas (Sevilla), ABACUS Basin 3D, 3D Cullera ABACUS (Valencia), ABACUS 3D Jerez (Cádiz), ABACUS 3D Logroño (La Rioja), ABACUS San 3D Fernando (Cádiz), ABACUS ABACUS San Vicente 3D and 3D Villaverde (Madrid). Below are the upcoming releases with access to the stack where you can see the title of the movie, director, screenwriter, country, release date, actors, the duration of the film, the genre of the movie, the synopsis of the film, movie reviews and the ability to register a comment. They also show upcoming films and the films seen. In paragraph billboard CINEBOX allow theaters Cinebox search by province. After selecting the province show their cinemas showing your name, address, telephone number and a link to the movie billboard. Seeing the movie billboard Cinebox films are shown with their data and allow buy-through entradas.com. In film library that let you search for a director led films or films that involved an actor or a film or films with a national title. In Rotary e-clubs can sign up at the club Cinebox and access to it. In promoting CumpleBox CINEBOX show for the birthday celebration and ask for more information. In Fidelity Cinebox show the advantages of using the scorecard to get popcorn Cinebox, menus, refreshments and free tickets and allow you to download the form to get Cinebox Fidelity card.
  • Cines Filmax

    On the website of Filmax Cinemas consists of a menu card, promotions, Filmax Entertainment and area businesses. Below the menu provides access to each of the Cinema of Spain Filmax Filmax A Coruña are 3D, 3D Filmax Castelldefels, Filmax Filmax Pontiñas 3D Granvia. Then you can see the new releases, upcoming releases and events for the week of Filmax Cinemas. In Cinemas billboard Filmax is a map of Spain where are the different theaters. Next to it is the week's ranking and below movies in Cinemas Filmax releases. If you access any of the movies you can see the user rating, synopsis, the film genre, rating, director, actors, duration, distribution and timing and theaters in which the cast . Selecting a Filmax Entertainment are all movies with their schedules and a link to buy tickets on www.ticketmaster.es. As is also possible to reach the theater and the services offered such as stadium seating, advance sales, numbered sessions, morning, Sluts, child seats, bar, candy store, discount day, disabled access and birthday parties. You can also check rates and room capacity. In Cinemas promotions show their promotions Filmax Filmax Cinemas. Filmax Entertainment is a link to Filmax page on Facebook. In business area shows the potential of Filmax Cinemas for businesses to advertise.
  • Cines Renoir

    Renoir Cinema In the first thing to do is select from Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife and Guadalajara. Renoir Cinema can search for movies by text. Their menu consists of the selected city cinemas, films, Renoir club, club benefits, news and contacts. In theaters Majadahonda Madrid are Renoir, Renoir Retiro, Renoir Cuatro Caminos, Princess Cinemas, Renoir Plaza Spain and Roxy-b. In theaters Renoir Les Corts Barcelona are Floridablanca and Renoir. In theaters Tenerife is Renoir Price and multiplex cinemas in Guadalajara Guadalajara. On the menu appears billboard movies, premieres, trailers, recommended, and soon-forum view. In Renoir's club become a member, renew, information, and access gift card partner. In local club is club benefits, promotions, events and discounts. In today's news, features and interviews. In contact, hire, job and give us your opinion. After the menu there are two rows of photos of covers of the films formed by openings and theaters. Then show the highlights. When selecting a Renoir cinema shows films of the billboard with the schedules, original language, length, rating, living room and a link to buy into the movie of the undercard of Renoir. when selecting a movie showing the cover, the title and synopsis. Then lets see the movie tab, view photos of the film, watch the trailer, opinions and passes where they appear Renoir cinemas where the film project.
  • Cinesa

    Cinesa is a chain of cinemas with more than 30 theaters in Spain. In its home page www.cinesa.es is a menu of movies, movies, events, promos, trailers, cinesacard, imax and igens. Below the menu you can see the promotional trailers for the movies. Next to it is a search engine lets you search Cinesa billboard where you can watch movies in theaters each. This browser to see the billboard and even buy a ticket you should select the area from which to select A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Cadiz, Las Palmas, Madrid, Marbella, Mallorca, Merida, Murcia, Oviedo, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza Biscay. After you select the Central Area showing 3D movies, 3D Artea, Augusta 3D, 3D Santander Bay, Barnasud 3D, 3D Bonaire, Capitol, 3D Diagonal Diagonal Mar 3D, 3D Forum, The Wharf 3D 3D Equinox, Festival Park 3D Grancasa 3D Heron City Barcelona 3D, 3D La Cañada, La Forge 3D, La Gavia 3D, 3D Machinist, The Moral 3D, 3D Roses, Heron City Las Rozas 3D, 3D Loranca, Los Barrios 3D Manoteras 3D, 3D Maremagnum , Marineda City 3D, Mataró Parc 3D Entertainment 3D Max, Alvaro Mendez 3D, 3D Nassica, New Condomina 3D 3D Parc Vallès, Principality Park 3D Parquesur 3D, 3D Square, Principe Pio 3D, 3D projections, Sant Cugat 3D Seven Palmas 3D, 3D Xanadu, Zaratán 3D and 3D Zubiarte. Finally you select the movie. It also allows search on Today I want if the occasion is selecting the familina movies, movies with friends, girls night, first date or cultural break. Depending on the occasion Cinesa shows the different genres between those animated films, fantasy films, family films, thrillers, war films, action films, science fiction movies, comedy, drama or opera. It also has an access to consult the cinesacard points and to see how many points you have accumulated. Below these services are Cinesa promotions. If you have performed a search of a movie billboard, the billboard shows Cinesa film selected with the schedule of each film. By selecting the schedule will Cinesa Ticketmaster page where information shows the film with actors, director, synopsis and the ability to purchase tickets. If you click on the film, showing the sheet-long, country, rating, genre, release, director, actors, screenwriters and producers. It can also display the synopsis of the film.
  • Kinepolis

    In the Kinepolis website can access the various countries in those theaters. The countries in which you are Kinepolis België, Belgique, Spain, France and Schweiz. In Kinepolis Madrid is the largest cinema in the world. The main menu contains at Kinepolis Film Highlights, Events and Movies, less prominent group of friends, children cycle, opera and ballet and more. Kinepolis is submenu of the main undercard of Kinepolis Kinepolis releases, Cinemanie, children, events and soon. In kinepolis films are accessible to the card, releases, cinemaie, children and Kinepolis cinema soon selected. By accessing the address you can see movies kinepolis, your phone and watch your movies, events, rules, opening hours and parking information. For every movie you can see their schedules and can buy into through www.megatix.be. When viewing the film you can see the score given by the members, photos and trailers of the film, synopsis, genre, director, length, country, release date and actors with links to the actors, schedules and Kinepolis cinemas in those who are planning and film reviews of the film. Events are available offerings film marathons, film, opera, ballet and live sports. In cinemas show different kinepolis Kinepolis cinemas and will select the film pániga contains all the information discussed above.