• Leisure

  • Cinemas

    Cinemas is a category where you can find links to various pages that offer the largest chain of cinema.
    In these pages there is information about the different movies you can see.
    You can find their schedules, a summary of the argument, where you can find the cinema and the different promotions that offer.
    Links to Cinesa, Cines Renoir, Cinebox, Kinepolis and Cines Filmax.
  • Food by phone

    In food by phone you can find food restaurants that allow order food by phone
    Links to Dominos pizza, Pizza hut, Telepizza and La nevera roja.
  • Tickets

    In Tickets you can find links to pages on ticket sales of different types of performances.
    Also you can find tickets for concerts, plays and other performances.
    In thier sites you can shows their promotions and you can purchase tickets.
    Links to Servicaixa, Atrapalo, Entradas.com, Ticketmaster and El Corte Inglés.