• Banks

  • Banco Santander

    Banco Santander, a Spanish banking company created by the union of merchants of the then province of Santander, Cantabria today, whose first financial activities date from August 20, 1857. The website of Banco Santander www.bancosantander.es is divided into five main sections that are called private, personal banking, private banking, business companies and institutions. The products and services provided are accounts with us, mobile banking, online banking, deposits, mutual funds, pension plans, stock exchanges and markets, mortgages, personal loans, cards, renting and leasing and insurance. Santander Bank offers private banking products and services and pension funds, discretionary management, investment, venture capital, customized products, hedge funds, alternative investments, comprehensive, secure banking and private banking. As solutions Banco Santander Private Banking offers comprehensive wealth management, investment advice, tax information and investment banking. In the section of the Banco Santander companies offering products and services such as online banking, bills, receipts and payments, funding short and long term, ICO, renting and leasing, factoring and confirming, international business, funds and deposits, cards and POS and hedging and derivatives. The products and services offered by Banco Santander to institutions are cash, receipts and payments, ICO, mutual funds, deposits, financing, credit cards and internet banking and web services. Santander Bank offers personal banking products and services Santander Select, pension funds and Select, deposits and structured bag and markets, discretionary portfolio management, financing Select, renting select, select cards, select banking and mobile banking.
  • Bankia

    Bankia est le nom de la filiale bancaire de la Banque et de l'épargne financière. Elle est la première banque espagnole à doméstico.Surge d'affaires en raison de la restructuration du système d'épargne tirée par la Banque d'Espagne à travers un modèle financier appelé système de protection institutionnel, SIP, en 2010 la création de la financière Banque d'épargne, financé conjointement par Bancaja et Caja Madrid, qui ont rejoint la Caja de Ahorros Insular de Canarias, Caixa Laietana, Caja de La Rioja, Caja Segovia et Caja Avila.
  • BBVA

    Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) is a Spanish bank with interests in financial institutions in more than thirty countries.The bank has its headquarters in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), although most of the central entity is located in offices in Madrid.
  • Ing direct

    ING Direct is a bank owned financial group specialized in the direct banking model or banking. Is first direct bank in the world and leading direct banking or e-banking in Spain, belonging to the Dutch ING Group, which has over 160 years of experience, is present in 40 countries and serves more than 85 million customers worldwide. Besides the ING Group is the largest financial institution in the Netherlands and the largest financial institution in the world by revenue, according to the latest Global 500 Ranking published annually by Fortune magazine. At ING DIRECT you can find your best deposits of ING Direct and the best mutual funds of ING Direct. Ing Direct divides its products into five groups called savings, and payroll cards, investments, mortgages and loans and insurance. Within Ing Direct savings account offers orange, the housing account, mini account, business account and deposits orange. Ing Direct offers payroll and payroll card account, the account without payroll and cards. In the investment section, IngDirect shows mutual funds, pension plans, and to work with the bag, the Broker Orange. Ing Direct for mortgages and mortgage loans has orange and personal loans. Insurance Ing Direct are offering life insurance. To contact Ing Direct can be done by phone +34 916 349 222. Ing Direct is debit cards VISA card and VISA Gold card with zero fees, plus you get free money at ATM debit 4B without commissions.
  • Openbank

    Openbank is the trading name of Open Bank, SA. Spanish is an online bank owned by Grupo Santander. It is registered in the Register of Banks and Bankers Bank is a bank España.Openbank multichannel to operate comfortably and quickly, both by telephone and the Internet, centralized in a single bank savings and bank management.
  • Banca Civica

    Banca Cívica is an innovative, inspiring and revolutionary. A different way of banking, which gives customers and citizens with new and unique possibilities. They are the only financial institution that tells clients how much you earn them and how much delivered to the NGO or social project of their choice.
  • Bancaja

    Bancaja credit institution is a foundational nature and character of Social Benefit, subject to supervision by the Bank of Spain and placed under the protectorate of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Banco de Valencia

    Banco de Valencia was founded on March 20, 1900, being the oldest bank in Valencia. In 1997 it acquired 100% of Banco de Murcia, and in 2002 completed its operational merger of Banco de Murcia in Banco de Valencia.
  • Banco Espíritu Santo

    The origins of the Banco Espíritu Santo back to the lottery trade, foreign exchange and securities. It was transformed into a limited company in 1920 with the name of Banco Espírito Santo, reaching in that decade consolidating its position in the national bank, after opening several branches around the country and a new management model.
  • Banco Gallego

    Banco Gallego is a Spanish financial institution, level mainly Galician, although part of the 203 branches (2009) that have are spread throughout Spain.
  • Banco Pastor

    Banco Pastor is a Spanish bank with headquarters in La Coruña and the second oldest in Spain after Etcheverría Bank.
  • Banco Popular

    Banco Popular de los Previsores del Porvenir was founded on July 14, 1926. Their goal, to provide services to those who use the best facilities in all sorts of economic and banking matters, doing all operations, as peculiar to the credit card companies, are determined in the Code of Commerce in force. In 1974 changed its name to the current name, Banco Popular.
  • Banesto

    The Banco Español de Crédito, S. A.. (known as Banesto, an acronym for the Spanish Credit Bank) is the third Spanish banking group. Founded in 1902 in Madrid, is controlled almost 90% of the Santander Group.
  • Bankinter

    It was established in June 1965 as Banco Industrial y de Negocios by the then Banco de Santander and Bank of America, with a 50% stake each. In 1972 he began trading on the Madrid Stock Exchange, becoming at that time in a commercial bank wholly independent of its initial shareholders. In 1990 he changed his original name, Banco Intercontinental Español for Bankinter.
  • Barclays

    Barclays Bank is a global financial services company based in London, which operates in Europe, America, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. It is a holding company that trades on the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange. It operates through its subsidiary Barclays Bank PLC.
  • CatalunyaCaixa

    It's a saving bank of Spain with corporate name Caixa d'Estalvis de Catalunya, Manresa and Tarragona and with CatalunyaCaixa as trade name. This new savings bank was established on July 1, 2010. It is the result of the merger of Caixa Catalunya, Tarragona and Manresa.
  • Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank is a global investment bank that provides financial services worldwide. It is the largest financial institution in Germany, and one of the largest investment banks in the world. Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Its headquarters are in Frankfurt, where Deutsche Bank Twin Towers.