• DGT

    In dgt or general direction of traffic the three services that stand out at first glance to be in the center of the screen are the choice of procedures and fines, the traffic map and statistics. On the left side there is a dropdown menu with paragraphs as DGT (DGT), training and driver education, road safety, road information, procedures and penalties (virtual headquarters), press and campaigns, standards and legislation and publications. In the part of the right are the most sought-after DGT or DGT, plus a link to the time or weather information.
  • Driving test

    On this page DGT enables simulating test exams as it was the reality. The test begins by asking the documentation for the review of the DGT as it was real but does nothing with this data. It then displays a screen allowing question up or down in the exam. When you have finished completing the test examination of the DGT or DGT should be given to the button End test and shows the correction test can check the errors and their answers.
  • Paperwork and fines

    Within the DGT, in the section on procedures and penalties, to pay a fine must select the option Do you fine? the menu on the left. Once this option is chosen the services of fines, penalty notices and warning internet to mobile internet driver identification and speeding (penalties and points). Through payment of fines can pay the fine online. In notices of fines you can register for when you have a fine send you an email and if you register the phone number, is sent an SMS.
  • Points balance

    Direct link to the query point balance without a license page DGT or DGT.
  • Points driver license

    The service of points permission of the DGT gives interesting options consultation point balance, courses and schools, course information retrieval and recovery points of driving license. As happens in other options, such as points of permits by the DGT, is easy to see the services offered by the Traffic Department. The query point balance can be made with certified and uncertified.
  • Road information

    In road information, upon entering, you are asked if you want to check the status of roads in a region or throughout Spain. By giving you calls continue to do. Provides retention of the roads, weather, cones, mountain passes and works. Also given a choice between viewing the results by province or by road. This information can be found in the state of the roads.
  • Test query

    Query driving theory tests, the DGT can find out the result in the test to pass the theoretical test driving license test. To query the result of driver's license examination of the DGT, the user must enter the NIF or NIE, the test date, the class of driver's license and birth date. In this way you can see the results of evaluation of driver's license test in the DGT.