• State Administration

  • BOE - Boletín oficial del estado

    In the BOE or the official state bulletin can be found the official journal of the Official Gazette of the state. You can also consult the official newsletter Register or Id. Give a virtual store that offers a series of books.
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  • DGT

    DGT provides processing services and payment of fines, the query state information highways, the query point balance, permits for points, the possibility of testing and test consulting examinations. DGT also offers information about training and education in road safety, road safety, dam and campaigns, standards and legislation, and publications. It offers a map that you can see the condition of the roads in Spain and if you want you can display the road you want to view using the zoom, and a search of roads.
    Links to DGT, Paperwork and fines, Points balance, Points driver license, Road information, Driving test and Test query.
  • Tax agency

    The AEAT page or tax agency services include income tax as the draft and request the download of the PADRE program, who used to perform the statement of income. AEAT page or Inland Revenue, it is increasingly important because of the facilities provided to citizens in order to make the declaration of personal income or personal income tax.
    Links to AEAT, Download software PADRE 2015, Consultation, modification and confirmation of the draft of the Renta 2015, Consultation of the 2015 income tax return and 2015 income tax return prior appointment request.
  • Town hall

    In the category of Town hall you can find the link to the various municipalities of the capital of the autonomous communities. On these pages you will find the services they offer within which emphasize the service to pay fines or SER or blue zone or parking in limited parking zones. This town hall service fines online life much easier because it avoids having to go to the bank to make payment and related administrative actions.
    Links to Town hall of Madrid, Pay Madrid fines, Town hall of Barcelona, Town hall of Sevilla, Town hall of Valencia, Town hall of Zaragoza, Town hall of Oviedo, Town hall of Palma de Mallorca, Town hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Town hall of Santander, Town hall of Valladolid, Town hall of Toledo, Town hall of Merida, Town hall of Santiago de Compostela, Town hall of Logroño, Town hall of Pamplona, Town hall of Vitoria, Town hall of Murcia, Town hall of Ceuta and Town hall of Melilla.